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George Kampis - Kampis György    
Under permanent construction, and badly maintained. Last edited on Feb. 20, 2019.

I am a recycled engineer turned theoretical biologist, turned philosopher of science turned computational scientist - while maintaining a continuing interest in evolution (so I translated Darwin and won a translator's prize). Also I am involved in cognitive science - actually in more than one ways. These activities are less diverse than they look: complexity, evolution, self-organization, and causality are the connecting keywords.

I am Professor and was founding Head of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Eötvös University. The Department was discontinued in 2016, since when I am with the Department of Ethology of the same University. I also serve as Director of the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science.

I am involved in various national and international projects which add up to another identity.
Besides my permanent job at ELTE, I have joined DFKI (www.dfki.de) for a partial position  in 2012.

 email: gk [appropriatesign] hps.elte.hu

Most recent:

APPLY to the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science 2019 until April 15!

Projects in Hungary

An EU FP7 project
(Hungarian PI):

Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science, www.bscs-us.org

Links to more of my pages

DeepData Ltd.

PetaByte Ltd.
(now defunct)

Selected recent papers

Karsai, I., Roland, B., and Kampis, G. (2016): The effect of fire on an abstract forest ecosystem: an agent based study
Ecological Complexity 28: 12-23.
(IF 1.874)

Bíró, J., Gulyás, L. and Kampis, G. (2016): Political parties on Facebook,
Procedia Computer Science 101: 107-114.
(CiteScore: 1.03)

Kampis, G. and Lukowicz, P. (2015): Collaborative knowledge fusion by ad-hoc information distribution in crowds, Procedia Computer Science 51: 542-551.
(CiteScore: 1.03)

Kampis, G., Kantelhardt, J.W., Kloch, K. and Lukowicz, P. (2015): Analytical and simulation models for collaborative localization,
Journal of Computational Science 6: 1-10.
(IF 1.748)

Soós, S. and Kampis, G. (2011): "Towards a typology of research performance diversity: the case of top Hungarian players",  Scientometrics, 87:357–371. (PDF)
(IF: 2.17)

Kampis, G., Soós, S., and Gulyás, L. (2011):
A magyar tudomány intézményi szerkezete és kompetenciái 2001-2010, Magyar Tudomány, elfogadva. (PDF)
(The institutional structure and competences of Hungarian science in 2001-2010, Magyar Tudomány, accepted).

Karsai, I. and Kampis, G. (2011): Connected fragmented habitats facilitate stable coexistence dynamics, Ecological Modelling, 222(3):447-455. (PDF)
(IF: 1.87)

Ground for Celebration:

My book "Self-Modifying Systems" is 25+years old  (and still in print).

Download it as a free PDF!


Am a local organizer of IJCNN 2019, Budapest