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George Kampis - Kampis György    
Under permanent construction, and badly maintained (esp. the publications are old).

I am a recycled engineer turned theoretical biologist, turned philosopher of science turned computational scientist - while maintaining a continuing interest in evolution (so I translated Darwin and won a prize). Also I am involved in cognitive science in more than one ways. These activities are less diverse than they look: complexity, evolution, self-organization, and causality are connecting keywords.

I am Professor and Head of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Eötvös University, Director of the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science, and Fellow of Collegium Budapest (the Institute of Advanced Study). I am involved in various national and international projects which add up to another identity.

Besides my main job at ELTE, I have joined DFKI (www.dfki.de) for a partial position  and collaborate also with ITMO St. Petersburg (en.ifmo.ru).

 email: gk [appropriatesign] hps.elte.hu

Most recent:

ECAL 2009 Proceedings (Vol I and Vol II) are soon out with Springer!

APPLY to the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science 2011 until April 15!

All Hungarian science 2001-2010 competence maps and star plots are available at www.hungarianscience.org


An EU FP7 project
(Hungarian PI):

An ESF project

A Hungarian consortium (consortium leader):

Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science, www.bscs-us.org

Links to more of my pages

Comparative Mind Database
(a CompCog derivative)

PetaByte Ltd.

Most recent papers

Soós, S. and Kampis, G. (2011): "Towards a typology of research performance diversity: the case of top Hungarian players",  Scientometrics, 87:357–371. (PDF)

(IF: 2.17)

Kampis, G., Soós, S., and Gulyás, L. (2011):
A magyar tudomány intézményi szerkezete és kompetenciái 2001-2010, Magyar Tudomány, elfogadva. (PDF)
(The institutional structure and competences of Hungarian science in 2001-2010, Magyar Tudomány, accepted).

Karsai, I. and Kampis, G. (2011): Connected fragmented habitats facilitate stable coexistence dynamics, Ecological Modelling, 222(3):447-455. (PDF)

(IF: 1.87)

Karsai, I. and Kampis, G. (2010): The Crossroads between Biology and Mathematics: The Scientific Method as the Basics of Scientific Literacy, BioScience, 60(8):632-638. (PDF)

(IF: 4.01)

Kampis, G. and Karsai, I. (2010): Breaking Waves in Population Flows, in: Kampis, G., Szathmary, E., Karsai, I. (eds): Darwin Meets von Neumann. Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Artificial Life, Springer LNCS, in press.

Recent lectures to be cont'd...

George Kampis and László Gulyás 2010: Generative characterization of sexual contact networks", Presented at NetSci 2010 THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AND CONFERENCE ON NETWORK SCIENCE 10-14 May, 2010, MIT, Boston.

László Gulyás, George Kampis, Zalán Szakolczi and Ferenc Jordán 2009: Finding Trendsetters in Longitudinal Networks, COINS (Collaborative Innovation Networks) conference. October 8-11, Savannah, USA.

George Kampis, Laszlo Gulyas, Zoltan Szaszi, Zalan Szakolczi, and Sandor Soos 2009: Dynamic Social Networks and the Textrend/CIShell Framework, Presented at the conference on Applied Social Network Analysis (ASNA, Zurich): 21.


My book "Self-Modifying Systems" is 20 years old now (and still in print).

Download it in PDF!


FET 2011 Budapest, I am an invited participant in the workshop on evolvability

ICCS 2011 in Singapore (June 1-3),  we have a workshop on dynamic network analysis

Behavior 2011 at IU Bloomington,  we have a workshop on data archiving and sharing