March 30, 2011.






Personal Data

Name and Nationality                         George (György) Kampis, Hungarian

Date and place of Birth           June 2., 1958, Budapest, Hungary

Marital Status                          married, father of two girls (25 and 20) 


Permanent Position

Full professor (since 2006), founding chairman (since 1994) of the Dept. of History and

Philosophy of Science, Eötvös University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary.   


Academic Qualifications

2004    Dr.Habil, theoretical biology, Eötvös University (ELTE)

1995    D.Sc., philosophy of science, Hung. Academy of Sciences

1987    Ph.D., theoretical biology, Hung. Academy of Sciences

1981    M.Sc., technical physics, Technical University of Budapest


Research Topics

Computational science, complex systems (networks, agent-based modeling), theoretical biology and evolution (evolutionary and ecological modeling, foundations, evolutionary technology), cognitive science (intentionality, agency, consciousness, comparative intelligence), philosophy of science (causality, explanation), analytical philosophy (philosophy of mind).


Recent Fellowships and Visits

2009                Fulbright Research Fellow, 6 months, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

2007                Basler Chair of Excellence (1 semester), East Tennessee State U., TN

2004                Guest Professor (1 semester), University of Vienna, Dept. of History and

                                    Philosophy of Science

2004                Guest Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo (2 weeks).

2002-03           Fujitsu Associate Professor of Complex Systems (12 months), Japan Advanced

Institute of Science and Technology, Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa, Japan.


Honors and Awards

1997 - 2001     Count Szechenyi Professoral Fellowship Award

1991                Prize of the Academic Research Groups of the Hung. Acad. Sci. 

1986                Ervin Bauer Prize of the Hungarian Biological Society.



Recent Positions Held

Period               Institution                                              Position

2006-               Collegium Budapest                             Fellow

2006-               Eötvös University, Budapest               Full Professor, Chairman of Dept.

1994-2006       Eötvös University, Budapest               Associate Professor, Chairman of Dept.


Selected Synergic Activities

2003-               Founding Director       Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science, Eötvös University.

2002-                      Adv. Board Memb.      Center for Complex Systems Studies, Kalamazoo College, MI.

2002-4             Adv. Board Memb.      Center for Cognitive Science, Budapest Technical University.



Recent Conferences and Workshops Organized



ICCS Conference, Singapore, Workshop of Dynamic Networks

ICCS Conference, Amsterdam, Workshop of Dynamic Networks (with V. Collizza)




X. European Conference on Artificial Life (co-organizer with Eörs Szathmary)

Toward a Science of Consciousness, Budapest (main organizer)

Programme Committee Member, COGSCI 2005, Stresa, Italy


“Intentionality: Past and Future” international conference organized with Gábor Forrai,

Miskolci Egyetem, Hungary (Proceedings at Rodopi, New York).


Journal Editorial Boards


Open Behavioral Sciences, Editorial Board Member


Editorial Board Member, International Journal of General Systems


BioSystems (Elsevier), Associate Editor.


World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution (Gordon and Breach)


Knowledge of Foreign Languages

English                        fluent (written, spoken)

German           fluent (written, spoken)


Past Students

Past PhD students include: Bence Nanay (PhD UC Berkeley, currently Syracuse University), Laszlo Gulyas (ex-Harvard, currently Aitia International Inc.,), Mark Jelasity (PhD U Amsterdam, currently U Bologna), Katalin Mund (sociology, sociology of knowledge, sociology of religion), Sándor Soós (philosophy of biology, bioethics), Péter Fazekas (cognitive science, currently U. Edinburgh), Richárd Szabó (simulation of autonomous robots). Honors students supervised in 2007 (ETSU, TN): Maleka Khambaty, Jennifer Snyder, Ashish Javer (ETSU).


Reviewing Experience

Physica A (once); Artificial Life (several times); Behavioral and Brain Sciences (several times); BioSystems (several times); Int.J. General Systems (several times), Journal of Theoretical Biology (a few times); Foundations of Science (once); Philosophical Psychology (once); Fractals (once); UC Berkeley (a job application review). Conference papers at various IEEE, ICCS, ALife and CogSci conferences.



In 2007 (East Tennessee State University): The Biology of Consciousness, Complex Biological Systems (co-teaching), Great Ideas in Science (co-teaching). Regular classes at Eötvös University in Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science and several related topics. Frequent guest lecturer at various universities in Hungary, such as the PhD School of Linguistic, Pécs University (Professors O. Horanyi and L. Komlosi); the Psychology Department, Szeged University (Professors Cs. Pleh and Zs. Vajda); the Department of Innovation Management, Budapest Technical University (Professors M: Feher and I. Hronszky); and the Budapest University of Economics (Professor K. Szabo). Past Permanent Guest Lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence Programme of the Branch of Informatics (now Faculty of Informatics) of Eötvös University (Professor L. Varga).


Media Presence

Dr. Kampis makes regular appearances in the popular science segment of media, both in Hungary and outside. His media record includes reports in El Pais (Spain) and Financial Potential (Memphis, TN), X-Aknák (a talkshow about pseudoscience on the Hungarian channel ATV), and several coverages in the leading dailies Nepszabadsag and Magyar Hirlap, as well as in the renowned weekly HVG and of the largest internet portals,  


He is a frequent participant in ‘talking heads’ progams on various Hungarian national TV and radio stations, on diverse topics that include evolution, public understanding of science, technology and society, cognitive science. Most recent major event was a one-hour interview on the national TV “Channel 2” (Zarora, with Alinda Weisser, in November 2009. His science writings appear on various fora, including Magyar Tudomany (“Hungarian Science”, the official magazine of the National Acad.Sci. in Hungary); he is a sought-after speaker at various public science events (a recent example is Mindörökké Evolúció [ca. Evolution Reloaded], in September 2009 with Csaba Pleh, Vilmos Csanyi, and Laszlo Mero,